Art and Business will Fuse

Posted 6 April 2017

When was the last time you saw an Art Competition and Exhibition at a business conference? We think this will boost the Emerge Geelong conference to another level, and supply a vibrant audience to Artists, in a beautiful setting. Click here to learn more about the rest of the Emerge Geelong conference.

Theme – Things that Frustrate Us

What makes someone quit their 9-5 job, the safe, the easy and launch into the unknown of a startup? This passion comes from realising a need, a gap, from a problem they have experienced for themselves. Without such motivation, the harsh realities of day to day business can cut short the startup marathon.

“Things that Frustrate Us” captures this spark of inspiration, and through art amplifies this important first step of many enduring struggles for a break-through. This exhibition highlights lingering problems that plague people and societies, that are not usually spoken of in the media. By bringing these problems into view, we are free to conceive of solutions, and work toward a future without them.

It doesn’t matter if your an artist or observer, be sure to join us for the discussion on May 24th.

Are you an artist?

Anyone of any skill level is invited, to compete in experience-based categories. You could be just beginning, and use this to drive the learning of your craft. You might be an esteemed professional, and test your wit in this alluring theme. In any case, you stand to win $100s in cash, while on display for private sale of your piece.

While we expect mainly painting and visual arts, we hope to see a diverse range of media. This might mean using a technique or medium you’re most familiar with, or using this as an opportunity to try something new.

There is a limit on how many entries we can display, but we hope to be inundated. Whoever you are, observers will enjoy being inspired by the ideas, and impressed by your skill. And this will be your chance to take a step forward in your art career.

For Art Submission form and timelines visit our website HERE

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