Michelle Buggy
Michelle Buggy is an artist, art therapist & lover of community connection. Each of these aspects lend to the other, yet also exist independently. Michelle loves her own personal exploration of process through painting, working with others for their own creative exploration & loves to unite others in the depth of social commentary for visual story telling that informs the emotional universal collective soul.


After starting psychology and travelling, Michelle studied Fine Art – Painting, at Monash University, Melbourne, when she discovered this was her way of exploring & learning about the world.

She continued to travel & settled when she learnt to travel inwardly while studying Experiential & Creative Arts therapy at MIECAT, & began a journey with greater personal depth. Michelle then went onto do her Masters of Experiential & Creative Arts Therapy in Journalling (MIECAT).

Michelle’s art exploration moves between her individual practice as an ‘artist & her art therapy practice informs her symbolism & personal themes. Michelle’s community mindedness also informs the subject material & drive to express, for story telling & political commentary.

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Torquay, Victoria, Australia

Michelle Buggy

Torquay, Victoria, Australia

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