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Shamana Seery is a contemporary painter who loves creating artworks that have a strong sense of colour and life to them. She lives and works from her home space in Belmont with her husband, local Caricature artist David Seery.

The key motivation for her work is to share the joy of art with others. Art changes lives. It offers a world of beauty and expression to the creator and those who engage with it.

She is a trained teacher, art therapist and a graduate of the Colour of women school. Her mission is to encourage others to aspire to creative living and to discover how creating art with intention can bring many positive aspects  to ones life.

She shares the art of creating with intention through her artworks and small group workshops: specifically for women and girls.

Shamana’s painting career began by creating pieces that paid homage to her  Aboriginal ancestry. She has been commissioned to create several murals, installations and graphics for publications.  Her artistic and teaching services have been engaged in primary schools as she taught about aboriginal art and culture.

She was also commissioned by the education dept and AFL to design a school engagement kit for aboriginal students and she lead a 13 week program to create resources with the local community.

Shamana also created a traditional possum skin cloak which was used in the commonwealth games in Melbourne, as commissioned by Arts Victoria. She also created the famed Wathaurong ‘Connie cards’ which have been distributed in their thousands around Victoria.

Her art works have been exhibited in both solo and  group capacities within Geelong, Melbourne,  Ballarat and internationally in Italy. She was chosen as an emerging artist to exhibit in the Geelong Region Artists exhibition.

In 2013, she began a new body of work which moved away from her known Aboriginal artworks and developed a series of 26 paintings called the ‘Spirit of woman’ . These took 3 years to develop and create. But it changed the quality and nature of her work, but not her brilliant use of colour!

In 2017, Shamana began a new direction in her work, focusing on her passion for colour and fun. The focus of her work presently is to bring a sense of lightness, brightness and fun into the lives of others around her. Her love of nature and particularly flowers has lead her to create an incredible artist garden from which she can draw much inspiration. She is presently creating a body of work capturing the child like essence of nature and animals.

Shamana is a versatile artist and her work reflects her personal and professional motto of ‘Happiness is a life filled with colour.’ You can view her artworks at

You’ll find available prints, original paintings, calendars, cups and cards for sale also.

Commissions are welcomed! Please contact her via email or phone to discuss your ideas.


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1 Dean St, Belmont, Victoria, Australia

Shamana Seery- Contemporary Art

1 Dean St, Belmont, Victoria, Australia

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