Bronze Stories: City Plaques Project

Posted 21 June 2017

Bringing moments of discovery and intrigue to city spaces and places

The project:

Designed to animate the city for residents and visitors alike, this project will bring a sense of intrigue and awe to the fabric of the city through the use of plaques laden with captured moments that evoke wonder, laughter, reflection or pause. The plaques will instantly engage people through the use of powerful evocative language. The plaques should lead people on a path of discovery, unveiling the city and its stories.

The plaques will be the trigger for the bigger story which will be found on Council’s Arts and Culture App. The words might be funny or serious or curious: they will cause the reader to pause, to look around, and to look up or down or at something in particular. They will hark back to a previous time or an alternate idea or elicit a new response to the experience of the space or the place. The combination of the words and the plaque and the space will educe a kind of magic for the reader prompting a new connection with the site. This experience might be momentary, poignant, funny, mysterious, whimsical or quirky. The plaques will hint and evoke previously untold stories about Geelong, its people, its history and its built environment.

This Expression of Interest is for the generation of the stories that the plaques will hold as well as the provocative words for the plaques.  There are two distinct writing tasks, underpinned by research required for the project.

  1. Short evocative text for the plaques. The writing on the plaque will be brief, short, intriguing, tantalizing, humorous or attention grabbing.
  2. The story behind the quote/ prose/ whimsical statement. This detailed writing will be included in a designated section of Council’s Arts and Culture App. These words will be linked to the App by the plaque.

The final outcome for the project will be a series of ten plaques – made from bronze that engage people with stories or anecdotes or history about Geelong. These plaques will be installed in ten sites in central Geelong. This project traverses public art, urban design and storytelling. The aim of the project is to animate central Geelong in a unique way and bring new experiences of intimacy with the city.

For  more details such as Project contacts, outline, EOI submission requirements please visit out opportunities page:

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