Exciting times at Future of Housing Forum in May 2017

Posted 1 June 2017

The latest in building technology, demographic drivers, energy efficiency and exciting case studies were showcased, demonstrating current technology available now to bring our built environment into the 21st century.

Builders, designers, architects and developers of Geelong were invited to the Future of Housing Forum to explore global trends and new technology in home building and be inspired to think differently about the future vision of our suburbs and the homes we live in.

Hosted by comedian Tim Ross, topics explores included:

  • Passive House design
  • Sustainable transformation of the built environment
  • How to get our homes ready for the electric vehicle revolutions
  • The “Beyond zero emissions home” and what energy freedom looks like
  • Updates on the latest in solar technology and battery storage
  • An overview of Cape Patterson a truly sustainable suburb.

Tiny House Pop-up

Future Proofing Geelong also invited The New Joneses and their ‘tiny house’ pop-up to Geelong for the weekend of 5-7 May 2017 to challenge the way we think about space and the notion of what is ‘enough’!

Aligning with Geelong After Dark meant that the tiny house had over 4000 visitors over the weekend, inspiring people to think about simple changes they could make to lifestyles to live more sustainably with a lesser impact on the planet.

Image: Tim Ross and Tamara DiMattina at Future of Housing Forum

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