2016 CMVic Music Camp

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Hi Everyone!,

It’s time to decide whether to camp in the glorious great outdoors, bags a bunk or treat yourself to the comfort of a cabin at the 2016 CMVic Music Camp! And if you can’t take the time out for an entire weeked, there are one day wonder tickets available for either Saturday or Sunday. This year we’re moving from Treetops to Grantville Lodge, near the sea off the Bass Highway, where there are six indoor venues for workshops (so we’ll be weather proof!), lots more beds, wonderful food from good thyme gourmet who catered for us last year too, and a great self catering kitchen and dining room will make life easy for those who want to do their own food thing.

Taking place April 15-17 for one jam packed weekend of all inclusive music making, the CMVic Music Camp is an ideal opportunity to learn, participate, exchange, and celebrate. There will be 5 or 6 parallel workshop sessions going on for horns, marimbas, singers, strings, and kids; with sessions aimed at beginners and experienced players. There’ll be an all in ensemble or two, and a street band style procession. And the best bit is that everyone’s welcome! You don’t even have to be a member, although it’s cheaper if you are, of course.

Here’s a taster of what will be happening:

Singing: Women’s group workshop with Polly Christie, men’s group workshop and vocal improvisation with Brian Strating, Maori singing workshop with Jack Savenye and Luke Khi, community choir song writing workshop with Annabelle Tunley, singing leaders ‘gabfest’; and sessions featuring songs and works from the new CMVic Songbook and the new CMVic projects, ‘Singing from Country’ and ‘Sing English’.

Strings: Guitar workshop with Jen Hawley; beginners and advanced folk strings workshops with Brian Strating, Terry Cole, and Jen Hawley; Uke jam with Tanya Nolan. • Brass: Instrumental and percussion workshops with Lyndal Chambers, Tony Hicks, Andy Rigby, Polly Christie; and all in sessions; special sessions for the CMVic project StreetSounds.

Marimbas: Workshops with Ian Chambers, Dave Paxton, Andy Rigby, Dani Rocca, Adam Burke; special sessions for the CMVic 4M Project (Making Marimbas Making Music), plus demonstration workshops on marimba maintenance and tuning.

Accordions: workshop with Amanda Testro.

Kids sessions: Six separate sessions for kids of varying ages – singing with Alena Schneider, marimbas with Dani and Adam, music making with Tony Hicks.

StreetSounds, 4M, Singing from Country: Special workshops to showcase these new CMVic projects.

All-in ensemble sessions and procession: three separate sessions for everyone to join in with to learn new tunes together – singers and instrumentalists all together.

Plus impromptu sessions galore: With some of your favourite CMVic people to help them along, including the fabulous Jane Coker, Lyndal Chambers, and more – there’s a beautiful chapel in the grounds that will be available at all times for impromptu sessions.

Buddies for Beginners: where absolute beginners, or people wanting to try out a different instrument, may be able to get a one-on-one tutorial with a volunteer on their instrument of choice.

This is a family friendly event open to anyone of any age, so bring your kids; bring your gran, and help us spread the word. We always have a great time at CMVic events and really hope you will join us for this one! Click here to see a draft of the schedule as it currently stands, and click here for more info and also TO BOOK!!!

Drop us a line if you have any questions, otherwise look forward to seeing you in April.

Love from the team at Community Music Victoria


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Geelong, Victoria, Australia

2016 CMVic Music Camp

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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