BOAA Visual Art Festival

What is on offer?

The Biennale of Australian Art (or BOAA), will be a Visual Art Festival taking place in Ballarat, 2018, showcasing over 150 of Australia’s most innovative contemporary artists.

The regional town of Ballarat, Victoria, will be transformed with both large and intimate scaled projects over 50 different indoor/outdoor locations, providing enthralling daytime and night time experiences.

BOAA will tell Australian stories; stories of our past, present and future.  It will be a festival that will mark our time and place in history… A six week coming of age for Australian artists and audiences alike.  You will see the best of Australian contemporary art, without the need for it to be juxtaposed with international projects to be seen as relevant.


The City of Ballarat, located an hour and a half drive west of Melbourne, Victoria.


21 September – 6 November, 2018

Click HERE for application online and further information. Expressions of interest close April 2017.

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Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

BOAA Visual Art Festival

Ballarat, Victoria, Australia

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