‘Great Authors’ print exchange 2017

What is on offer?


The ‘Great Authors’ print exchange will coincide with the Queenscliffe Literary Festival 2017 (as per the Lettered print exchange in May 2016) and the maximum participants will total, no more than 32.

Each selected artist will be assigned a famous author from the list on our website


Who is the opportunity for?

Professional artists/printmakers

Who is providing the opportunity?

Queenscliff Gallery & Workshop

Who is eligible and what is required?

• Allocation begins with the first author, ‘Dante Alighieri’ and allocated to each artist in the order in which they submit (eg if you submit 6th but are the first of the 32 selected artists you will be assigned ‘Dante Alighieri’)
• Artist’s can base their artwork on the either the author or any of the author’s publications (some examples are listed above for you)
• No swapping of allocated authors with other participating artists
• 35 editioned prints are required
• Each print must be numbered and signed by the artist
• Please package your prints with acid free tissue between each print also cut to the trim size of 18 x 18cm
• The edition cannot have a variance of more than 10% and no more than 4 additional artist’s proofs should exist (please refer to What is an edition? Prints and Printmaking – a very short intro to terms and protocols)
• Medium: Any form of printmaking (no digital or photography unless used as part of the traditional printmaking process)
• Size of paper: 18 x 18cm (image/plate area can be smaller)
• Exhibition: The complete 32 prints representative of each author will form an exhibition with other related ‘literary’ works during May and also coincide with book themed workshops
• 1 print will be framed by QG&W and returned if not sold (if sold, framing costs will be refunded)
• 1 unframed print will also be for sale (returned to the artist if not sold)
• QG&W retains ownership of one full portfolio
• Price of work: To be set by the artist (note QG&W retains 40% commission of the unframed work total sale price and 40% commission of the framed work after framing costs
• Delivery/postal address is 81 Hesse Street Queenscliff 3225.
• Please ensure your package is packed well

Costs will cover

Exhibition costs (hanging, organisation, promotion, advertising, administration etc), framing of one edition, management, archival box for each artist’s editioned set, photography of each print and packaging for each artist. Unsold framed works to be provided to artists together with their complete archival box set.

What is the closing date or deadline?


How much does it cost?


How do people book or get involved?

• Expressing your interest means you may be selected and if so must participate
• If you are a represented by QG&W just email gallery@qgw.com.au your expression of interest, no other details are required
• If you are not represented by QG&W, please email gallery@qgw.com.au examples of your printmaking work and a CV, or direct us to websites where we can view your work and experience
• Experience of editioning essential or contact us if you would like to participate and have QG&W publish the edition for you

Contact Details


81 Hesse Street, Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia

‘Great Authors’ print exchange 2017

81 Hesse Street, Queenscliff, Victoria, Australia

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