Green Man Grants
The Transport Accident Commission wants your creative responses to the theme of road safety!

What is on offer?

Make the roads safer and you could get the green light for your project and up to $50,000 funding

Do you have an idea that could make the roads safer? Something outside the box, that’ll make you and your mates look out for each other? If you’re 18-25, simply answer one of the briefs in a creative way – it could be a film, a sculpture, an app, whatever you can dream up – and you could receive up to $50,000 funding.

If you’re successful, you’ll be partnered with an industry expert to guide and mentor you through the process of bringing your idea to life.

And to top it off, you’ll receive a $5,000 cash prize for this major achievement.

It would pretty awesome if you could make a positive difference to something as important as road safety.

Once entered, your idea will be judged by a panel and finalists will receive up to $50,000 to bring the idea to life plus an extra cash prize of $5,0000. Ideas can be anything from a film or work of art, to a new event or app.

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    Geelong, Victoria, Australia

    Green Man Grants

    Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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