Workshops at Bluebird House | Songwriting Masterclass with Rach Brennan | Term 1
The SONGWRITING MASTERCLASS will focus on lyric writing, developing chord progressions and shaping melodies with a strong emphasis on collaboration, developing musical relationships with like-minded people and building confidence in young musicians.

What is on offer?

In this workshop YOU WILL:

  • Write original music, exploring yourself as a musician and the genre/s of music that excite and inspire you as an original artist
  • Meet like-minded people your age and collaborate with these people to broaden your musical and songwriting knowledge
  • Have the opportunity to perform in front of others and learn techniques to harness your nerves to create a meaningful and authentic performance
  • Sing! Everyone will sing and develop their singing by learning about melody and harmony, and how to use these in your songwriting process
  • Learn how to play an instrument and develop skills you may already have on an instrument. This may be a physical instrument, your voice or with a computer app or program if you so choose – or all of the above!
  • You will grow as a musician, as a creative and as a person through exploring your capabilities in the wonderful world of songwriting.

Who is the opportunity for?

Ages 13-18 years

Who is providing the opportunity?

Bluebird Foundation in collaboration with Rach Brennan

How much does it cost?

Term 1 = $160 (TUESDAYS 4.30-6pm)

How do people book or get involved?

Book online at

Contact Details


51 Carr Street, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Workshops at Bluebird House | Songwriting Masterclass with Rach Brennan | Term 1

51 Carr Street, Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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