Stardust: The Col Brain Story wins silver!

Posted 29 June 2017

Congratulations to Geelong’s Joel Carnegie for winning silver for Best Innovation and Best Performance at the New York Festivals® International Radio Program Awards.

Launched at Geelong After Dark, Stardust: The Col Brain Story played to a packed GPAC audience before airing on Radio National.

Told through the eyes of his grandson, this story is a touching tribute Col Brain, one of the most well-regarded Geelong musicians of his generation. Col Brain left a legacy in the music he played, the students he taught—and in his grandson.

For over 25 years, a locked wooden dresser sat in the family garage of broadcaster, Joel Carnegie – a once prized possession of his grandfather, Col Brain. Col was one of Geelong’s most well-regarded musicians of his time – playing in and leading dance, swing, brass and jazz bands. But Col’s dresser hadn’t been opened since he died. So what was inside?  read on…

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Piece #1 – Stardust: The Col Brain Story

Image: Joel Carnegie performing in Stardust: the Col Brain story

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