Advocate for the Creative Industry Sector

Posted 18 March 2020

Advocate for the Creative Industry Sector

From independent contractors to major businesses, COVID-19 is causing havoc for workers and companies and impacting the employment and well-being of thousands of Australians.

Announcements of cancelled gigs, markets, exhibitions, community events, pops, get downs and get together’s have been hitting the creative community incredibly hard. With nearly $50m of lost income reported already, the numbers are still growing by the minute!

However with the support from individuals and audiences there are opportunities to support artists. If you were going to see a musician, actor, florist, chef, comedian, visual/street/performance/installation artist, jeweller, ceramicist, dancer etc. but you couldn’t – perhaps check if they have buyable work/merch/tunes online – there are small and simple things that you can do to show your love and support.

If #COVID19 has impacted you and your creative work or you know others who have been impacted, The National Association for the Visual Arts is asking artists and organisations to complete a short survey to help them understand and advocate for the sector.

See below a link for more information:

More specifically if you are an artist, The Australian Music Industry Network and the Australian Festival Association have joined with industry partners to tally the impact of all the event cancellations on Australians. If you have had to cancel an event please fill out the form in this link.

This will help make a case for funding support for the arts industry during and after this crisis.

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