Amber Smith on How practical experience can launch your visual arts career

Posted 27 December 2018

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With a background in illustration, Amber Smith knew she wanted to further her practice by studying art. But it was the hands-on experience she received at LCI Melbourne, while undertaking her Bachelor of Design Arts (Visual Arts), that allowed her to realise her passion for curation.

‘I always knew I wanted to study visual arts but wasn’t sure where it would take me or what an arts practice was before I started studying,’ said Smith, a former student at LCI Melbourne who now works as a curator and visual arts programmer in Geelong.

‘I thought, “Oh, I like art so I’ll do a degree in it,” and the course definitely helped me to figure out what I was interested in, where to take my practice and how to express it.’

Part of her training at the Melbourne-based design school was a practical placement, where she was able to further gauge the direction in which she wanted to move.

‘One of my placements was in a retail gallery, and through that I realised that I really liked curation, I liked arranging things,’ Smith told ArtsHub.

‘I think having the chance to have a taste of something really shows you whether it’s for you or not, which I found really helpful.’

Combined with the work she undertook in the final year of her course, Smith’s practical placement helped her decide on a career in curation.

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