Artists explore Geelong’s iconic industry

Posted 24 August 2017

Iconic Industry is a part of the #VacantGeelong project concentrating on the buildings and sites of Geelong’s current de-industrialisation, the thousands of acres of land and the often overlooked beauty of its industrial buildings.

Through the work of artists Sarah Duyshart, Robert Mihajlovski, Bindi Cole Chocka, Merinda Kelly, Amanda Shone, Alex Hamilton and a team of Architecture and Creative Arts-based Deakin University researchers and students, Iconic Industry powerfully evokes the sounds, views, atmosphere and memories of Geelong’s industrial legacy.

Artists engaged the local community and past Ford workers to acknowledge and celebrate the history and community memories of Geelong’s iconic industrial buildings before they are adapted for re-use.

“The Iconic Industry works provide a platform for us to understand and value the industrial legacy of Geelong and provide a way to go forward through this phase of deindustrialisation” said Deakin University Senior Lecturer and #VacantGeelong project leader Dr Mirjana Lozanovska.

Deakin University’s #VacantGeelong project received $10,000 in funding through the City of Greater Geelong’s Community Arts Grants Program. City of Greater Geelong’s Manager Arts and Culture Kaz Paton said “The City of Greater Geelong is thrilled to support the #VacantGeelong project through the Community Arts Grants Program and the Iconic Industry exhibition is a captivating celebration of Geelong’s industrial past.”

The Iconic Industry exhibition is a major phase of the #VacantGeelong project and is on display at the National Wool Museum from 24 August until 1 October 2017.

City of Greater Geelong’s National Wool Museum Director Padraic Fisher said, “Don’t just see #VacantGeelong – experience it. Come to the National Wool Museum and immerse yourself in an industrial heritage place where the contemporary world collides with the human endeavours of the past.”

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Image above: Deakin University’s #VacantGeelong Project Team: L-R, Cameron Bishop, David Beynon, Diego Fullaondo, Mirjana Lozanovska and Anne Scott Wilson.

Featured image: Geelong local, Bellbrae artist Merinda Kelly, Untitled, 2017, Acrylic components, Approximately 23 x 11 x 7.5cm each, size variable.


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