Amanda Firenze
My work revolves around linocut prints which I often hand colour and I usually add in words in one way or another. I have recently moved to Ocean Grove and I am looking forward to creating in a new environment.


I make art for a variety of reasons and in different ways.  Some art I make because I want to reflect on where I sit in the world and connect to others who may share some of this history with me.  Some art I make because it gives me room to sort out my past and be a different person in the future.  Some art I make because I can’t get the idea out of my head and I haven’t seen anybody else do it yet so I better give it a go.

My linocuts are old school and basic – I like that they look like old fashioned postcards or faded out photos.  There is nothing particularly neat or organised about them but when combined with my words they help tell my whole story. 

Format wise I make prints that hang on walls, artists’ books and I am starting to move into paper sculptures.  I love the idea of taking linoprints and turning them completely into the unexpected – each new form is a challenge in terms of construction and working out how things fit and stay together. 

Art is everything to me – it makes me a better and more complete person.  The more settled I am into my life as an artist the more I understand what is necessary for my happiness. – something I had never managed to work out before. 

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Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia

Amanda Firenze

Ocean Grove, Victoria, Australia

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