Bluebird Foundation
Making quality arts programs accessible for all.


Bluebird Foundation Inc. is a community arts organisation, dedicated to making quality arts programs accessible for all. Managed by a committee of artists, education specialists and philanthropists, the organisation aims to work with communities to identify and overcome barriers that prevent children, youth and families from accessing quality arts programs. It is our dream that every child, youth and adult share in the joy of the Arts.

Bluebird Foundation creates art projects that respond to the unique needs and ambitions of our partners.

The organisation provides a complete arts management service starting with the project concept and finishing with the completed artwork/event. Our services include;

  • raising funds from government, philanthropic and corporate sources
  • fulfilling sponsorship agreements
  • project planning
  • recruiting, contracting and managing artists and project workers
  • event production
  • financial management of projects
  • publicity and marketing
  • administration and governance (insurance, risk management, record keeping)

Our services are provided predominantly for community; health, education and early childhood sectors.


Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Bluebird Foundation

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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