Colin Mockett
Colin is an actor/entertainer/broadcaster whose skills range from writing and directing to stand-up comedy, MCing, producing, event organising, portraying historical characters - and providing a 'surprise' guest/speaker at events.


Colin Mockett loves Geelong. He  leads school and tour groups around its highlights. He gained  tertiary qualifications from The Gordon, arts degree from Deakin University. An award-winning journalist,  writer, actor, comedian, he created the comedy ‘Englishman, Irishman and Scotsman’,  Concert Of The Decade and  Geelong’s Grumpy Old Men  among many, many others.

Member of Organisations

Geelong and Bellarine Tourism; Geelong Historical Society; (director) Drop Of A Hat Productions; (editor)


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Geelong, Hamlyn Heights, Victoria, Australia

Colin Mockett

Geelong, Hamlyn Heights, Victoria, Australia

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