entertainmentgeelong.com is a community resource website listing every play, concert, musical, festival and cultural event in Geelong. It's diary stretches for a year ahead and it includes news, views - and reviews of every production.


Editor (and chief reviewer) Colin Mockett is a writer, actor and entertainer who has extensive knowledge of the Geelong theatre community. His website entertainmentgeelong.com has been an online community website since 2010. Prior to this, it was a hard-copy published monthly magazine That’s Entertainment.

It lists all theatre, concerts, musical events and festivals in the Geelong region for up to a year ahead. It carries comprehensive news, views and reviews and includes  Virtual Oscar theatre awards as well as Geelong’s Theatre Hall Of Fame.It’s aimed at visitors and theatre/concert patrons and is easy to use and comprehensive. It lists all cultural events up to a year ahead. But then it adds news, reviews and booking details of every show and concert.

So as well as the detailed ‘What’s On’ Comprehensive Diary page, the site includes  Hot News,  complete cast information for each production, Useful Links to companies and details of upcoming auditions and information nights. It’s No-Nonsense Reviews are legendary in the region. They’re not always popular with actor/directors – but they’re always read.

entertainmentgeelong.com also includes About Us snapshot pages of the Geelong Region; full lists of our five theatre seasons  and archive pages that contains ever past review, Virtual Oscar nomination and Geelong’s Theatre Hall Of Fame. It’s our region’s go-to theatre/music/concert/festival service, available 24/7.

Edited by Colin Mockett, the site is cost free to the community – both to advertise and to browse.

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Hamlyn Heights, Victoria, Australia


Hamlyn Heights, Victoria, Australia

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