Geelong Harmony Chorus
Welcome! Geelong Harmony is a group of women of all ages, with a love of singing gorgeous four-part, a cappella harmonies. We can teach you to sing with technique and confidence and we perform around Geelong and interstate.


Who IS Geelong Harmony?


We’re Geelong Harmony and we’re a women’s a cappella chorus (that means we sing unaccompanied). There are 30 or so of us in the chorus and we are passionate about singing complex and beautiful four-part harmonies. Think of the singing in the Pitch Perfect movies and you’ll get an idea of what we do!

This ever-popular women’s musical group has been singing locally for more than 24 years. We are part of one of the world’s largest women’s musical organisations, Sweet Adelines International and if you join us, you’ll learn to sing from highly experienced, trained directors, and we have vocal coaches from around Australia, Canada, Sweden and the US.

There is so much happening in Geelong Harmony at present and we are ready to welcome new women singers. If you’re a woman who loves to sing, why not come along to an Open House rehearsal and see what we do and how we do it!

Member of Organisations

Sweet Adelines Australia
Sweet Adelines International


Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Geelong Harmony Chorus

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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