Jacinta Leitch – Sculptor


Inspiration for my sculptures comes from many facets of my life and surroundings particularly my years of dance experience which influences the femininity and fluidity of my designs.

As the light of day dances across my limestone sculptures, they are brought to life through ever changing shadows, giving rise to variations of candescence and luminescence^ reflecting movement upon my creations.

Working along a predominately figurative theme over the past five years, I now feel it is time to branch out into a new direction and revisit the ‘abstract’ again – particularly via my love of fossils and ancient, prehistoric relics. This in turn works harmoniously with the medium I carve – limestone – fossil rock, 15 million years old.

Art is my passion. It possesses my very soul – it lives within me. Art is the very essence of my existence – I live and breathe it. My dream is to make a mark upon this world through my artworks.

Member of Organisations

Geelong Sculptors
Geelong Art Society



Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Jacinta Leitch – Sculptor

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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