Matthew Gardiner
Dr Matthew Gardiner is an artist most well known for his work with origami and robotics. Oribotics: a field of research that thrives on the aesthetic, biomechanic, and morphological connections between nature, origami and robotics.


Dr Matthew Gardiner (b. 1976) has pioneered the convergence of origami, folding and robotics through his generations of Oribotics. <>

These works portray an altered future wherein folding forms the fundamental fabric of life, and his artistic process explores Folding as Code for Matter, creating works that exhibit material intelligence.

Gardiner’s art and science research-based practice contexts are team-based research collaborations with commercial and research entities; and his artistic practice which draws on experience extending across aesthetic and interactive experience design, parametric origami design, manufacturing, design of new digital fabrication methods, expert-level origami and code.

Recent works include a major Austrian Science Fund (FWF PEEK) collaboration with Ars Electronica Futurelab, leading to two key technologies: Fold Printing and Fold Mapping. Recent key exhibits: 2018 Oribotics Science Center Singapore, 2016 ORI*LAB at Ars Electronica, ORI* Coding for Matter, Kyoto. 2013 Project Genesis, Ars Electronica Linz. 2014 Surface to Structure, New York.



Geelong VIC, Australia

Matthew Gardiner

Geelong VIC, Australia

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