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About my work

I am mostly self taught & took up the art of lino printing in 2001 at the encouragement of my art teacher daughter, Amie. I began with simple designs & black & white, but after a trip into the central deserts of Australia, I realised I had to move into colour.

That became my obsession & I continue to experiment with techniques ranging from colour reduction, where the block is gradually carved away with each new colour, to pure experiment or accident that can result in magic which is often hard to repeat!

I prefer to use only my hands, rather than a press. It allows me to vary the pressure during printing as well as laying the block or parts of it where I choose.

This is the reason why I only do small editions of each print, no two are exactly the same, & because the block has been cut away several times, they cannot be repeated (limited edition). The number in the left corner of the print denotes the number of the edition.

All lino prints shown are by Pip Williams and are available for sale. They are mostly limited edition (average 5-6 prints per edition), so may be unavailable if sold out. Unframed prints can be mailed upon purchase for a small cost.



135 Andersons Rd, Drysdale, Victoria, Australia

Pip Williams

135 Andersons Rd, Drysdale, Victoria, Australia

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