Rachel Burke
...the earth without "art" is just "eh..."


Adopted Geelong as my new hometown in 2009 and haven’t looked back.

Participating in collaborative arts events such as “Light Up Geelong”, “Peel Your Eyes” and “Figment Geelong” I have met the most amazing and inspiring artistic folks and gained a confidence to keep pushing my own creativity in new directions.

Patturn Studio is one of my on-going projects where I create light shade designs out of vintage papers.

I also create canvas pieces from assorted paper materials, and other one-off ensembles out of found objects and recycled wood.

Underpinning this work (and paying the bills!) is a corporate Graphic Design business, creating digital and print media for blue chip clients such as the National Australia Bank.



Highton, Victoria, Australia

Rachel Burke

Highton, Victoria, Australia

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