Rare Trades
Rare Trades, once taught by master to apprentice, are hand skills of olde, used to make functional, useful, beautiful things that last.


Rare Trades Australia (and Rare Trades Victorian branch) is a no-cost-no-profit advocate for the developing rare trades sector in the Australian creative, cultural and heritage landscape”.

The notion of a rare trade – the things we all have in common – is that the hand skills we use were the same a hundred and more years ago. Many of those objects are still used for their primary purpose, so the materials and techniques are proven over time.

Our skills were also originally learned as a trade, rather than a home craft or artistic pursuit, so the things we make are meant to be functional before they are beautiful. In fact, they are beautiful because they have been made with such care and detail to a custom need, and to be used for a lifetime. The things we craft may well outlive you, and are designed to be repaired and inherited, rather than discarded or replaced.

So, whilst a rare trade can be seen merely as a novel link to our heritage, it is most properly appreciated as the practice of techniques which have no equal today, and the result of well-tuned and tested experience passed on through the ages.

Search out the rare trades in your town and you’ll find useful things that are honest and tactile, and made to be loved and inherited.

The Australian Rare Trade community is being developed in Victoria.

We call out to anyone in Victoria who practices a rare trade to join in.

To learn more about how to join the collective, just Email and we’ll get right back to you.


Geelong, Victoria, Australia

Rare Trades

Geelong, Victoria, Australia

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