Robyn Mackay
Robyn Mackay is a visual artist/printmaker. She works out of her small gallery, studio and print studio (ETCH Gallery and Studios) at 19c Rutland St Newtown



My work is predominately landscape. It suggests that a landscape is more than the image you see in front of you. A landscape is different for each person who views it, and different each time you view it. It incorporates the physical aspects of what you see, how each element relates to each other as well as what you know and feel about it.

I use a broad range of media and techniques such as printmaking, drawing, painting and sculpture to make my work.

When I paint I use layers of colours. I scrape back the top layers revealing warm and cool underlays to create atmosphere. My paintings  investigate different sections of a landscape and how each section is interrelated. I aim to encourage thinking beyond the picture to the actual land itself.

When I print I use a variety of techniques, but mostly concentrate on monotype and woodcut prints. With my woodcut prints I print intaglio, relief, and sometimes both together often with multiple colours on the one plate. My printing plates are made from offcut materials and recycled construction ply. I include the natural grain of the timber in my prints. The grain echoes the shape and form of land, water, and sky, which connects the image back to the landscape.

My Monotype prints are executed by a combination of a buildup and removal of colour directly onto the printing plate. This process allows a freedom of expression and spontaneity, not achievable by other printmaking processes.




19C Rutland Street, Newtown, Victoria, Australia

Robyn Mackay

19C Rutland Street, Newtown, Victoria, Australia

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