“Art is never finished, only abandoned.” ― Leonardo da Vinci.


Painter, Installation Artist, Artist-Photographer, Writer, Performer.

Born and bred in Geelong, multi-layered, complex and impossible to define, S-Jon is not afraid to enter. An explorer of both light and dark with an ability and agility to see within.

S-Jon possesses a diverse creative and artistic desire that knows no bounds and takes no set form.

​What comes, is, what is, will be, what’s next…

This is expression… This is S-Jon.

In 2016, S-Jon was awarded a highly commended for his photographic art piece, ‘Make a Wish’ at the Birregurra Art Show.

In 2017, S-Jon commenced work on his series of artworks under the title ‘Tumbleweed’ where artworks are created in public and then set free to journey with the ‘wind’.

S-Jon has just successfully completed a new collaborative piece with renowned award winning performer Yumi Umiumare for Mapping Melbourne 2017 titled ‘Con-TemporariTEA’.

S-Jon also writes, directs and advises on performance and installation art pieces and advised on Yumi Umiumare’s recent performance show ‘Tea Break’.​

S-Jon is also available for commission pieces.

“I create because I want to, it inspires and excites me. I then put it out there to see what happens next.” S-Jon


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Highton, Victoria, Australia


Highton, Victoria, Australia

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