Saabira Razac
Hons BA of Fine Arts | Figure Painter | Digital Artist | Abstract Realism


Artist, Saabira Razac is a digital Artist and Graphic Style Oil Painter. She received an Honors BFA and a BA of Economics from the University of Waterloo, CA. Saabira teaches studio style classes both online and in person. She colours the classroom with fun and hands on learning that leaves the student inspired and ready to make Art in their own way.

Saabira’s personal art portfolio can be described as an in-depth exploration of colour, form and line. Her abstract-realist floral and human form drawings lassos the subject in a tranquil loop of undulating lines and flowing colour. Saabira’s drawings are very minimalist by nature; retaining only the core signifiers that make a subject known. Her unique and contemporary style boasts Saabira’s love for vibrant colours, playful lines and tranquil compositions.

If you are interested in learning from Saabira, or wanting to connect with this vibrant and contemporary Artist, please inquire or view her portfolio on my website.

Saabira is also the Owner and Artist at SRA (Saabira Razac Artworks). She teaches Art to Adults via a wide variety of Online Coaching options. For further information about SRA please visit our website for more details.

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Geelong Based Artist | Owner Art Instructor and Artist at SRA | Academically trained and highly experienced in Material Handling and Drawing and Painting Techniques



Grovedale Victoria, Australia

Saabira Razac

Grovedale Victoria, Australia

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