Shirley Power
Shirley is a musician and singer of songs with a pure, clear distinctive voice. She accompanies herself on keyboard as well as a range of traditional instruments. One of the 3 Geelong Divas, Shirley's music ranges from folk to classics, 1930s jazz to bluegrass. She's musical director with Drop Of A Hat productions and sings with the Hatband.


Shirley is a musician and singer of traditional songs with the voice of an angel. She possesses a pure, clear singing voice as distinctive as her trademark autoharp. One of the ‘3 Geelong Divas’, Shirley is as at home singing in the 1,400-seat Costa Hall backed by the Geelong Philharmonic  as she is accompanying herself at festivals, in folk clubs or acoustic venues. She has a phenomenal repertoire of traditional and vintage songs, she’s as comfortable  singing the words of Robert Burns or John Lennon, Henry Lawson or Edith Piaf, Bob Dylan or Eartha Kitt. She regularly sings with the Drop Of A Hatband,  solo in concert – or in a variety of costumes like saucy Fifi La Bonk with the Geelong Authentic Old Time Music Hall. But she is much more frequently seen in partnership with husband Colin Mockett, presenting two-person shows that mix humour, information and great songs. Their subjects range from the story of Geelong – presented as a potted musical history backed by powerpoint images for conventions or community groups – to musical biographies of J F Archibald, Henry Lawson & Banjo Paterson, Robert Burns, Thomas Moore, Gracie Fields, George Coppin  – or a whole bunch of Celtic comedians.  But their most popular presentation is simply Shirley and Colin, Humour and Fine Music. Shirley plays guitar, Appalachian Dulcimer and keyboard as well as her autoharp. A former nurse, Shirley is an experienced and accomplished musical therapist.  She has recorded four albums, one on vinyl, three on CD. These are traditional folk Who Knows Where The Time Goes (vinyl) and CDs All Australian, All Celtic and Then and Now.

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Bayview Parade, Hamlyn Heights, Victoria, Australia

Shirley Power

Bayview Parade, Hamlyn Heights, Victoria, Australia

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