Artlands Day Tickets released – Want to go? We can help.

Posted 13 September 2018

Need our backing to get to Artlands?

Our Creative Communities ‘Professional Development’ Grants have opened early to support local artists to attend Artlands.

Carefully read the GUIDELINE,
THEN complete the ONLINE APPLICATION FORM (…read the Guideline first!).

Apply Now – We’d love to see you there!

Artlands is the biennial national regional arts conference:

It’s an opportunity for artists and arts workers to gather, present work and enter into meaningful exchange – and we want to see you there!

Taking place in Bendigo from 10-14 October, Artlands Victoria will see international, national and local speakers discussing health and wellbeing in the arts, innovative practice across industries, Indigenous practice on country and developments in technology, education and skills development.

 Day tickets for Artlands Victoria are now available at this link:

 Curated around interwoven augmented content and topics, the Artlands Victoria program will broadly focus on:

Wed 10 Oct          On Country – a First Peoples approach to practice on country
Thu 11 Oct            Creative Tonic – art that creates social change for people, place and wellbeing
Fri 12 Oct              Industry Impact – refining purpose, identity, economic and social impact
Sat 13 Oct             New Thinking – young creative perspectives, technologies and skills development
Sun 14 Oct            Out & About – a self-managed exploration of Central Victoria’s cultural offerings

Artlands Victoria is cross-disciplinary, interconnected and intergenerational. We are creating a platform to showcase contemporary artists and new thinkers to influence the way we engage with regional arts and its processes. Our program connects creative projects with critical conversations on key themes – from health and wellbeing in the arts to innovative practice across industries; and from Indigenous practice on country to developments in technology, education and skills development.

Key sessions include:

Artlands Victoria not only represents an extraordinary professional development opportunity, but a chance to connect with arts and cultural colleagues from across the country.

You can explore the full program now at

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