Arts Atlas In Conversation Series… Meet Stephen John

Posted 8 October 2020

Arts Atlas In Conversation Series… Meet Stephen John

The Arts Atlas “In Conversation Series” aims to encourage and inspire people across the arts sector by giving individuals the opportunity to share and talk about their creative professions. The series is about sharing uplifting stories during these unprecedented times.

This week we are excited to launch the third conversation with Stephen John.

Tell us about yourself.

I am Geelong born and bred. I have always loved the creative arts; it is my happy place.  I am a visual artist, using the mediums of painting, photography, and installations. I am very curious and love to explore the depths of my topic, looking for the hidden textures, colours, listening to voices and shapes that emerge during the creative process.

Tell us about your work and what inspires you?

I love playing with space and form. My art invites the audience to go within the piece, to feel its energy, to explore it and to find the bits that surprise and engage. I keep my art in the space of ambiguity so that the audience can intimately interact and connect to the piece.

I love colour, texture, being slightly left or right from centre, or to bring the extremes into the centre to see what appears and what happens next. I am inspired by beauty of all forms, by my sense of adventure and the prospect of discovery.

Creating art is a great privilege and honour.

What has been the most exciting part so far in your creative journey?

Tumbleweed Project – I spent three months in the USA producing art and creating works in a public setting, then leaving the works inviting anyone who comes across the artwork to ‘become the wind’ and take custodianship of the piece. What they do next is up to them. Tumbleweed explores freedom and spontaneity through art. I have learnt about letting go and giving things space to follow their own destiny. I love this project and I am looking forward to continuing once things open up again.

G1 Apartments Geelong Commission

G1 Apartments Geelong Commission – I was honoured to be commissioned to create a piece for the foyer of the G1 Apartments in Bellarine St. This was an amazing experience in which I discovered new forms and techniques in which to create form, structure, and shape.

I am also excited to be working on a new art project that I plan to release later this year. It has been wonderful and fulfilling creating and playing with this new project as it takes me into some new and exciting spaces.

What impact has COVID had on your creative process? 

COVID has provided me with opportunity. The opportunity of new observations and context which has changed my perception of certain things. As an artist this has provided me with new project ideas and topics in which to explore through art. COVID has also given me time and space in which to reflect, play and explore.

Do you have an online presence where we can follow you?


Instagram and Facebook: stephenjohnart


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