Arts Atlas In Conversation Series… Meet Tim Hulsman

Posted 15 October 2020

Arts Atlas In Conversation Series… Meet Tim Hulsman

The Arts Atlas “In Conversation Series” aims to encourage and inspire people across the arts sector by giving individuals the opportunity to share and talk about their creative professions. The series is about sharing uplifting stories during these unprecedented times.

This week we are excited to launch the fourth conversation with Tim Hulsman.

Tell us about yourself.

I’m a musician.  I teach, write and perform music.   I produce, record and release music. I think, and dream, in music. I’m best known for my slide guitar work in the Country / Blues genre but I’ve dabbled in everything from heavy metal to bluegrass and from the classical era to post-modern, from every point on the compass and I’ve drawn my influences and tastes from across that entire spectrum

These days I like to work in that space where music is still an embryonic, un-shapely, fragile inkling of an idea… there is a special kind of magic that happens there, that only the musicians ever get to hear, because as soon as you start to rework a piece and give it form and shape and structure… it’s gone.

I try to share that with an audience by dwelling in that ‘magic place’ and performing open ended improvisations that are unpredictable and organically evolving soundscapes.

Tell us about your work and what inspires you?

I have several projects on the go right now:

UPSCALE – The project that birthed The Behemoth.  This is a sound & visual arts collaboration with Mike Patton and Nina Grant, that is both cutting edge and ‘old school’ in the same breath.

Swamp Creechers – An improvisation experiment in the genre of psychedelic rock and blues.  There are no setlists, no songs, no rules.  We literally go onstage with no idea what is going to happen until it does… and it’s always amazing!

Freelance Sound Design and Production – Creating soundtracks and sound palettes for theatre and screen producers.

I draw most of my inspiration from the natural world and the amazing complexity of the human condition and I’m driven relentlessly by aspirations of creating something new in this world of regurgitated ideas.

What has been the most exciting part so far in your creative journey?

Right now, is definitely the most exciting part of my creative journey so far…

I have a new passion, and what may end up being my defining tool… The Behemoth.

It’s a 6m long stringed instrument…with a sound palette as big as a symphony orchestra and an awe-inspiring, animal-like physical presence.

I’m literally inventing new ways to play music and I feel like an explorer or a mad scientist.

What impact has COVID had on your creative process? 

COVID-19 has had a massive impact on my creative process.

When the shutdown first happened, I was going through the motions of releasing my first album of slide guitar improvisations “In The Arms Of The Earth“.

Its release was completely overshadowed by the pandemic and the shutdown of the live music sector.

From this came the opportunity to branch out into working with a theatre group, using the Behemoth to create interesting sound palettes for their sound designer to use in their production and also continue my own journey of discovery with this incredible instrument.

I guess I went into COVID as a disillusioned singer/songwriter and I’m now emerging as a Sound Artist / Mad Scientist… go figure!?

Do you have an online presence where we can follow you?


If you want to see the Behemoth in action go to:

It’s a full 22 minute performance. A shorter version is here.

Facebook, Youtube, Soundcloud, Bandcamp

Visit Tim Hulsman’s website if you’d like to read more about his journey and works.


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