ArtsHub Reflects – Balance in the coming year

Posted 27 December 2018

ArtsHub Reflects – Balance in the coming year

Gina Fairly –  National Visual Arts Editor, ArtsHub reflects on December and explains the importance of finding balance for the coming year.

“Too often we reach that tipping point. My suggestion, as we wrap up this December, is to feel it – feel the weight of the past year, feel the exhaustion of the constant push, and feel the stress that comes with instability. And, don’t forget that feeling as you plan for the year ahead.”

Fairly recommends

  • BUILDING BETTER FRAMEWORKSFairly claims that the sector is calling for a new Artistic Investment Framework to replace MPA Framework alongside a story that examined the realities of costly redevelopment projects in the face of the Australia’s culture sector building boom (Are bricks and mortar necessary to building culture?)

    ‘A tipping point for us smaller organisations it is getting a project over the line … I have an excellent Board and I bring them along with me all the time just to try and fake it that we are bigger than we are. A lot of it is to demonstrate capacity

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