ATELIER – Jordyn Harris

Posted 14 March 2019

ATELIER – Jordyn Harris

Jordyn Harris is a self-taught Geelong based artist, launching her exhibition Atelier at Courthouse Youth Arts. This exhibition will run until the 10th of April.

Jordyn Harris creates refined artworks using oil paints on canvas which reflect the natural world around her country based home, and simple still-life subject matter. Previously working almost exclusively with graphite on paper, exploring classical art with Grecian and Roman influence, she began to focus on oils in 2017 and contributed her first oil paintings to a group exhibition at the Shearers Arms Gallery in Geelong West. Her current artistic focus is on overcast rural landscapes and rustic still-life’s, but she is continuing to practice exploring different subject matters and trial new techniques. “Atelier” is her first solo exhibition.

“I choose to work in the traditional medium of oil on canvas with a restricted colour palette, and my method of alla prima and plein-air painting with fast brush strokes allows me to quickly apply paint to the canvas and capture the subject as it is in the moment of painting. I take inspiration from artists such as Vilhelm Hammershøi, Jan Mankes and Andrew Wyeth, while incorporating influences from modern artists including Erin Spencer and Justin Wood. I contrast light and shadow in my paintings to define shape and enhance colour, and to create a focus on the main subject matter rather than distracting the viewers eye with decorative backgrounds.”

Information has been sourced from Courthouse Youth Arts for more information head to their website

60 Little Malop Street

Geelong, VIC 3220 Australia

Phone: 03 5224 2815


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