Back to Back Theatre head to the UK this June/July

Posted 8 June 2018

Leaving on a jet plane! LADY EATS APPLE, RADIAL and THE DEMOCRATIC SET head to the UK this June/July

‘A story is a dream in a person’s mind. Being on stage is being in that dream. The whole time your heart is thumping and you get the sweats and your words stumble. We all know we’ve got a disability so we don’t have to scribe it on stage. We don’t make work for no reason though. We make work to share with the public, the punters, everyone. We make work to help them make their own work better. 

I like to take the audience on a journey with us. They don’t have to say straight up what they think of us. They can go away and think about it. But I’m not afraid to blow someone away. I’m not afraid to make someone have goose bumps when they’re watching our show. I’m not afraid to go out there and say to an audience ‘are you with me?” Sonia Teuben, Ensemble Member

Support of Back to Back Theatre* allows us to stage major new works of contemporary theatre, design and deliver community programs to people with and without disabilities and build positive attitudinal change to encourage a more inclusive, diverse and culturally rich society. 


*The work we do would not be possible without the remarkable support of our donors.

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Feature Image: María José Duran Napolitano

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