Back to Back Theatre’s major new work announced

Posted 17 October 2019

Three invigorating years of creative development have culminated in an outstanding premiere season of Back to Back Theatre’s major new work, “The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes”.

We were honoured to be joined by many wonderful guests at last night’s Melbourne premiere, including the incredible Robyn Archer AO, who said of the work:

“As ever, the company gave me something I rarely get from any other performance by anyone anywhere. 

The absolutely bare-bones production elements allowed those voices to shine – even when the literal voice, as with Mark, is minimal – but his every utterance, his every gesture, has meaning.

But every performer shone. I’m not sure I can name any company anywhere in which I rejoice at seeing a familiar actor again – a huge testimony to the company’s endurance and resilience.

Performance is always about courage, I know, it’s always full of fear and doubt – but these guys are warriors, gladiators – they march into the ring, into the public space, prepared to die with honour.

The Shadow Whose Prey the Hunter Becomes- Image by Zan Wimberley.

They never fail to go to places others fear to enter. Always funny, always immensely serious, always provoking us more astutely than any other poet or playwright manages to do.

I came away with understanding this is a show about humanity on the largest and most generous scale.

It admits of anger and confusion and injustice, yet embraces us all, and celebrates life. And it celebrates in minimal beautiful un-convoluted language – haiku-like, a universe of pleasure and pain opens up in simple word and gesture.”

The Melbourne season continues at Arts Centre Melbourne as part of Melbourne International Arts Festival until October 20, and you can secure tickets here.

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