Call for women to be involved or spread the word

Posted 21 May 2021

Hi – I am an artist based in Portarlington.

I am currently working on an artwork called Paper Women that takes women’s stories/experiences of abuse and uses them to create an artwork.

I am hoping that you might be able to help me with this artwork, by inviting women to be involved if they wish or by helping spread the word about it.

Women can either write their story or indicate the types of abuse they have suffered through a checkbox survey.  Their stories/experiences will then be printed into the artwork – one paper woman per response, forming part of a chain of women.

The artwork will be used as an exhibition piece, but the paper women will also be displayed online with permission.  All printed stories will be anonymous and if the responses are received via Survey Monkey or post, I will have no indication of who submitted them.  The stories will not be edited and can be in any language.

Sample Story

Submission options include:


More information is available on the website (  Submission postcards are available, and can be put in the post to you with a copy of the flier at your request.

Any submissions will be greatly appreciated.  By sharing stories, we hope we will make our mark – we will create something that can change us, our community, and the world.

Amanda Firenze

PO Box 121, Portarlington VIC 3223

0492 366 216

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