Creative Conversations at the Geelong Gallery

Posted 3 December 2020

Creative Conversations at the Geelong Gallery

Australian contemporary artist Jacky Redgate joins Geelong Gallery Director and CEO Jason Smith for an online, in-studio conversation, discussing her mise en scene photographs on display in the Gallery’s current exhibition, Jacky Redgate—HOLD ON.

Jacky Redgate has a 40-year practice and is critically acclaimed as one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists.

Redgate’s career began in the context of late 1970s feminism, minimalism and conceptual art.

Redgate is well known for her sculptural and photographic works using systems and logic, and particularly for her sustained series of ‘mirror’ works over the past two decades that have engaged with optical phenomena, ‘perceptual dislocations’ and slippages between representation and abstraction.

Jacky Redgate—HOLD ON presents the most recent iteration of her mirror work in its entirety that reflects how, while continuing to make her experimental ‘hybrid’ mirror works over the past ten years, Redgate has been recalling and introducing into her work and oeuvre the autobiographical images and subjects of her juvenilia.

What we understood previously as formal compositions and seemingly neutral subjects are now ‘contaminated’ by dolls and teddy bears from Redgate’s childhood. Embodying a cathexis on emotionally laden subjects, these photographs tease with a combination of abstraction and autobiographical mirroring that seemingly contradicts the Cartesian sobriety of her well known ‘impersonal’ works.

This event will be hosted on Zoom and include a moderated Q&A session via the chat function. Details will be sent to participants 48 hours prior to the event.

There is a small cost to attend this event:

Members: $10

Non-members: $12

To book visit Geelong Gallery.

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