Discover local stories on the Connecting Memory App

Posted 18 March 2020

Discover local stories on the Connecting Memory App

If you are in need of some uplifting and inspiring stories the Connecting Memory App has an ever-growing collection, connecting people with place! From songs, to films to written stories/poems there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Conveyed in the ‘first voice’, these stories are as personal and particular as the relationships people have with the places they inhabit. Secret histories are unearthed, private truths are unveiled and tales as diverse as the city and the country itself are discovered and shared.

Engaging with the Connecting Memory collection, listeners develop a new intimacy with places. The stories bring uncommon knowledge to common space, bringing people closer to the true histories that make up our world. Stories might describe an event that happened last week, last year or more than 50 years ago.

Together, they present an immersive, alternative history, where the past remains alive in the present!

Download the App today on your iPhone or Android and start exploring !

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