EOI – RAV Creative Workers in Schools Initative

Posted 19 November 2020

Creative Workers in Schools (CWS) provides the opportunity for 150 creative industry workers to undertake a six-month residency in Victorian government schools, including special schools. Creative workers and Schools will be supported to work together to codesign and deliver an educationally valuable project or set of activities that supports learning across the Victorian Curriculum F–10 over 6 months.

The CWS program offers creative learning opportunities for students that highlight the value of the arts at a time where creative expression, hope and the sense of community are needed more than ever, and provide schools with an alternative approach to address learning objectives through creative projects or activities.  The program will also provide a platform to build relationships and employment opportunities between creative workers and schools.

The CWS program will provide valuable training for creative workers impacted by COVID-19 (coronavirus) to upskill and gain extended experience in working within school and community settings. Through training and mentorships, creative workers will develop transferrable skills for future work opportunities.

The CWS program is delivered by Regional Arts Victoria (RAV), in partnership with Department of Education and Training (DET), and Creative Victoria through the support of the Victorian Government’s Working for Victoria (WFV) initiative.

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