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Kasper Raglus / James Price / Christopher Jewitt / Cat Bailey / Michael McCafferty / Nina Rose Prendergast

13 August - 6 September

Kasper Raglus / Never Over

“For this new series of paintings I wanted to continue my exploration of physical and mental space. Creating the work during such an uncertain time influenced the colours and structure.”

Local painter and musician Kasper Raglus plays a long game. Ignoring external distractions, he has steadfastly continued to refine the formal elements and pictorial symbols that populate his own singular sphere of geometric abstraction. The signature linear and angular motifs Kasper has employed and explored for almost a decade now contain internal and external worlds both macro and micro and constitute both an architecture of rigorous linear formality, and an intimate inner world of romanticism and human possibilities.

The clarity and continuity of Raglus’ work stem not from any cold machine aesthetic, but from immaculately rendered line work and a bold colour palette, combined with a keen richness of character and daily dedication to his craft. Though physically contained within the picture plane, Kasper’s painterly minimalism wilfully escapes the constraining logic of the prison as it pushes and pulls the viewer in, out and away from the vagaries of their daily existence.

Positive and negative space coexist there, as they have always done – always with the promise and possibility of movement and freedom.


James Price / The Sun Sat and Smiled

“These are works about life at its most calm. For me most things are at their most beautiful when they are still. When I stay still and try to think about love I think about the charm of people, and of nature. I’m trying to create work that carries this sort of charismatic energy – undeniably alive, and perfectly still.”

James Price is an internationally acclaimed artist and maker. He uses the term ‘maker’ as its lot easier than listing himself as a video artist, installation artist, illustrator, photographer, animation director, painter, art director, live action director, documentarian, poet, writer and storyteller. James has won lots of awards all over the world for his works. His drawings, films, writing, paintings, installations and photography mix elements of Folk art and contemporary Abstraction to help connect the dots between our history, our identity and our inner ‘primal’ self.

Whether telling his own story or helping other people tell theirs he strongly believes that communication works best when it comes directly from the imperfect heart of its creators. Following stints living and traveling all over the globe – including a decade working from his own highly successful studio in New York, James currently resides in Melbourne. He considers himself a citizen of the world (which is rubbish, because both his passport and his accent say he’s Australian).


Surface + Form

Christopher Jewitt / Cat Bailey / Michael McCatfferty / Nina Rose Prendergast

Group Exhibtion


Surface + Form brings four new and diverse artists to our epic Big Boom gallery space; each demonstrating a unique approach to mark making and exploring the surface in their artwork.


Melbourne based Christopher Jewitt is a self taught multi-disciplinary artist spending most of his time painting and drawing in his Abbotsford Studio. Jewitt’s paintings express his interest for people and everyday objects in a tempest of colour and marks. He draws line based images one on top of the other in roguish figurations until his canvases take on a tactile and whimsical appearance. This allows for multiple angles of sense making.

“Your eyes will bear witness to something unraveling itself as they move from line to dash to dot and back again. This small selection of 3 paintings continues Jewitt’s steadfast refinement of his own signature chaotic image construction. For the past 10 years Jewitt has created line based paintings with hidden narratives for the viewer to take pleasure in finding.”

Cat Bailey is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work responds to place. Living and working in Regional Victoria she paints and works collaboratively with communities and organisations to create innovative, responsive artworks and virtual artistic pathways. Her painting, installations and pathways convey relevant environmental concepts, in a broader social and cultural landscape.

Recent VCA graduate Michael McCafferty‘s artworks document private, interior and architectural spaces, as well as the family, friends and events that once existed and occurred within them. Working from a foundation in drawing Michael utilises a range of techniques to translate the original images and source material into new versions.

“This work is part of an ongoing exploration into diary keeping, meditations, and translation. Simple parts of day to day life; bathroom tiles, schedules, the walk to work, are documented and translated. The translations are simply technical impositions like tracing, collage and re photography. Slowly the materials turn into a composition until finally reduced to a simple painting or print. The final works then have dual meanings. The first is just as a simple, sometimes minimal or abstract composition, and secondly as a kind of material self portrait.”

Nina Rose Prendergast is a multidisciplinary artist, grateful to practice on Wurundjeri land. She is currently undertaking an Honours degree in Fine Arts (Visual Art) at the Victorian College of the Arts, following the completion of her Bachelor’s in 2019.

“The surface figures. It is what we see and know. It is a shield that reflects, refracts, and defends; a superficial manuscript of dynamic past encounters. The surface is a crossroad at the junction between thing and other. The collision of two entities is what drives Nina Rose Prendergast’s suite of artworks. Nina fortifies photographic images with engraved acrylic. The photographs record classical forms; marble sculptures from times past. The acrylic is their evocative second skin. Both parties physically coalesce and mould their presence onto one another. Notions of photographic cohesively are disrupted by the engravings, which become three dimensional when superimposed onto sculpted representations of the body. White powder residue fills cracks like marble dust from the sculptures. Their defaced vitrines are embedded with inscriptions of animalic offerings and fashion motifs. It’s all about sacrifice. A tension between display and obstruction. A juggling act. A dance. The engraved veneers are a maker’s mark, and the conception is an orchestration of pleasure and pain.”


Exhibitions run 13 August – 6 September 

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13 August
6 September
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