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Louise Tate / Colleen Guiney / The Seven Seas

11 June - 12 July

Louise Tate / Getting Warmer 

Getting Warmer imagines a luminous otherworldly landscape in which bodies softly fade into the hot afternoon sun. After a summer full of smoke that saw skies turn pink, orange, red and black, I began to imagine these strangely beautiful landscapes that were mostly devoid of human life. Drawn from the Victorian bush, the lush rainforest of northern NSW, and houses once lived in; these works reimagine what life could be like on this slowly warming land. Clothes float by on the breeze, bodiless and somewhat eerie. Trees that were stripped by flames sprout new growth. Some species die out while others thrive. Flowers begin to blossom. Cicadas, those tiny violins with wings, perform a twilight symphony. These works make way for nature as it reclaims the land beneath pink-hued skies.

Louise is a painter and writer whose practice explores the personal and historical narratives of women, care, and Australian identity. Her work weaves a story that is personal, national and fictional, offering up possibilities for new ways of being in the world. She completed a Bachelor of Fine Art with 1st Class Honours from RMIT University, and currently lives and works in Melbourne.


Colleen Guiney / Places of Me 

“The process of making art is very much about accessing and exposing my emotional life. Most of it is from the subconscious and I choose what to reveal and what to keep to myself. The landscapes I have experienced have had a profound effect on me and that has only become obvious through this series of works. There is an obvious reference to this big rugged coastline I live near and its mighty Southern Ocean swell but there is also a nod to landscapes that I thought were long forgotten and pushed to the back of my consciousness.

I find myself messing around with colours I wouldn’t ordinarily focus on, textures and paint application as I try to recreate the inky darkness – a place between black and brown that I envisioned over a series of days on my early morning body surf. I work methodically, layering and breaking up the surface with paint and pencil, adding, deleting and observing as I go. I find this process soothing and evolving for my practice. I hope the result is a connection to my work with a little curiosity thrown in.”

Colleen Guiney lives in the coastal town of Port Fairy. She draws on her visual perspective and experience in design in everything she does, including her paintings which are colourful and emotionally charged with influence from her surroundings.  Her paintings reflect shapes and aesthetics that are linked to her everyday routines and the nature she immerses herself in daily.


The Seven Seas / Get a Grip

The Seven Seas is a Melbourne based multidisciplinary artist working in illustration and sculpture. He works across many styles from figurative to abstract work, always with a focus on bold colours and large forms. The Seven Seas explores woodworking, casting and illustration techniques to represent his recurring cast of characters and forms reflecting memories, thoughts and travels.

In this new exhibition, he explores his past works through memories and photographs and applies them in new ways using sculpture and painting – combining abstract forms with figurative illustrations. Work is created out of carved wood, acrylic paint, enamel paint, oil markers and polyurethane castings.

Within the work, there are finely detailed illustrations taken from photos, paired with bold abstract shapes and stylised characters. Together these elements create a storyboard –  autobiographical reflections and distant memories made up of bold shapes and colours.


Exhibitions run 11 June – 12 July

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11 June
12 July


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