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Alizon Gray – Seeking Silence & Marking Time Group Exhibition – Ben Crawford, Ellie Malin, Shane Drinkwater & Beth Gibbeson

23 May - 16 June

Seeking Silence


“My paintings are reflections of my experiences in the world, abstractly recorded as illusory landscapes. The landscape is represented in my paintings as an imagined place, or the in-between space that connects memory and place rather than rendering a particular vista. By building up layers of lines, squiggles, dots, scrubby brush marks, and veils of paint in varying degrees of transparency I hope to create an image that cannot be understood in a simple glance. The various marks aren’t representative of anything in particular. Rather, they are markers that point to a place or memory, acting as a vehicle that takes us into the abstracted space of quietude and reflection.”

Victorian College of the Arts (painting) Alumni, Alizon Gray has been a finalist in numerous art prizes and has exhibited widely throughout Australia in both group and solo exhibitions. She created her latest body of work for seeking silence from her light filled, Northcote studio, “Whilst I am in my studio every day, my time in the studio is not all physical painting time. 90% of my painting time is spent ‘looking’ at my paintings as opposed to having a brush in hand. This may be misconstrued as procrastination to an onlooker, but it is a vital part of my practice. This time spent looking at my paintings is quiet reflection as well as careful consideration for the next mark and overall aesthetic. Sometimes the marks are spontaneous, whilst others are carefully considered.” This is her first solo exhibition at Boom.

Exhibition runs 23 May – 16 June

Opening Celebrations Saturday 25th May 2pm-4pm

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Marking Time 

Group Exhibition

A Boom curated group exhibition featuring Ellie Malin, Ben Crawford, Shane Drinkwater and Beth Gibbeson.

Marking Time reflects on the significance of process in art making, each of the four artists approaches their arts practice in a unique way, yet all value the time spent in solitude – creating. The push and pull of paint or ink, making marks and the development of ideas over time is so important.

Ellie Malin is a Melbourne based artist working in relief woodblock printing. Her bold, visceral artworks reflect an intuitive approach to image making where colours and form construct the landscape. By choosing mainly formal solutions she engages the viewer with images containing both pure abstraction and evocations of the world around her. “An image may begin as something quite recognisable. As I take on the process of deconstructing it into pure simplified shapes and colour. I’m always pulling things apart in order to put them back together in new ways.”

“Colour is a language in itself. It’s one I like to speak.” Ellie works with colour intuitively and approaches printmaking in a non-traditional way. Each print is unique and contains bold geometries and colourful compositions. For her it’s very process driven, where the textures and effects of layering reveal themselves through their creation.

Irish-born Ben Crawford says that his work is “often autobiographical, with stories and characters from my life informing and populating the paintings. I’m interested in the mythologisation of memory.” Now living in northern NSW, surreal elements in Ben’s work transform the traditional landscape into a somewhat mystical realm.

“These paintings stem from little kernels of ideas; stories and memories lodged in my brain. Sometimes there’s a specific image I’m trying to re-create, but more often I’m trying to produce a familiar feeling in the work. This initial concept stage is such an important part of my painting process. I probably spend more time thinking about a piece than actually physically producing it. Using photos, drawings and collage I translate these ideas into a loose plan for the painting, then I’ll transfer these compositions on to the canvas with charcoal. Every painting is a different beast. There’s a real interplay between my initial concepts and the abstract qualities of the painting process itself which always surprises me. I think it’s important to let the painting dictate what decisions need to be made next and not force it to become something it doesn’t want to be. Out of this kind of conversation, that initial kernel, that tiny idea, can grow into something strange and wonderful.”

Tasmanian born, Brisbane based artist Shane Drinkwater has exhibited widely within Australia and also in Paris, New York and is now represented in Denmark by Copenhagen Outsider Art Gallery.

“Painting is something I’ve always needed to do and I’m enjoying it more and more: it’s the joy of putting colour, shape and gesture on a surface. I’m interested in the making! I delve into the act of painting with a minimum repertoire of visual elements aiming for a maximum visual intensity. Ideas and images appear through the making of the work, language becomes unnecessary, I let the work speak for me.”

Beth Gibbeson’s current works on paper explore the enchanting rock formations among the cliffs of her local landscape, the Mornington Peninsula coast. The varied surfaces and textures of these large rocks are deep with their natural markings which continue to alter over time within their unique environment. Her works on paper are an abstract interpretation of her experience in documenting the visual and spiritual elements of this beautiful landscape. She explore’s the formations that are embedded into the surface of the rocks as well as their significant individual construction.

Beth approach’s her paintings with layering and overlapping these elements into shapes, forms, lines, colour,  weaving them together but ultimately finding a connection with each part. Her creative process involves abstracting these discoveries so that each shape is distinctive and comes together as a whole.

Beth Gibbeson completed her Bachelor / Honours Degree in Fine Arts Painting at RMIT. She currently paints full time in her studio at home in the Mornington Peninsula where she frequently explores as a constant source of inspiration.

Exhibition runs 23 May – 16 June

Opening Celebrations Saturday 25th May 2pm-4pm

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23 May
16 June
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