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Selected Works, Group Exhibition

16 December 2018 - 27 January 2019

Kathryn Junor

A walk at low tide between Urquarts Bluff and Aireys Inlet is the subject of these works. You might recognise these places but they are not named, leaving you the viewer to discover. The shapes in the geology of the region is a constant inspiration in her works.

Kathryn’s paintings are drawn from lived experience of a place with a hint of imagination. Influenced by the cubist movement and the way they reduced their subjects to geometric forms, Colour palettes are arrived by saturating hints of colours found in nature. By combining these two approaches in tandem with strong graphic qualities and use of pattern, Kathryn’s work straddles abstraction and representational approaches to painting.

Stacey McCall

“Light and colour are so fleeting when painting outdoors. I use mainly watercolour, gouache and pencil to gather the information I need.  Back in my studio I am painting on linen predominantly in oils these days and by using certain mediums, trying to replicate that soft wash of colour and simple marks that I captured outside. I draw into the paint using pastels, again, referring to the marks I made in my initial sketches.

The Otway Ranges, the Surf Coast (Victoria) and the You Yangs National Park are some of my favourite places to find inspiration. Another beautiful, but quite different, landscape is that of the Goulburn Valley in Northern Victoria, where my husband and I have been growing walnuts for the past 20 years. There is such a richness of shapes and colour, particularly in Spring, and the light around dusk is amazing.”

Saxon Quinn

“I am currently working with cement as my main medium, having spent some time in NYC and other concrete jungles I have learned to love the markings and stains that build up over time, whether it be from footsteps, nature or human error. Each individual marking ends up being its own unique artwork.

As per past exhibitions I continue to work with balance and disruption.”

Robert Croft

ArtGusto is a supported art studio full of energy, vibrancy and original ideas. It is a studio for Artists self -motivated to create. At ArtGusto, artists can access support from qualified practicing artists, working with them in a professional studio to assist their artistic practice.

Robert works at the ArtGusto Studio 2 days a week. This is a safe and supported environment where Robert is given the opportunity to independently go about his day working on his art at his own pace – which by the way is furious! He makes his own artistic decisions, which is very much about the process – we are just here to facilitate. Robert is totally focused on his work from the moment he begins till it’s time to pack up for the day.

Robert is non- verbal and vision impaired but through his art and acting has found a way to communicate and be a valuable, contributing member of the community.

Robert’s application of any medium he uses gives a tactile quality to his work. He delights in the colour, texture and the rhythm of the application, pushing as far as the materials will allow. The layers of colour and texture Robert achieves through his processes demonstrate the instinctual nature of this Artist. An industrious worker, Robert enjoys working across a range of mediums and can draw reference from still life and the printed image; but mainly and most effectively his inspiration comes from the pure joy of creating.

Christopher Johnson

Christopher’s artistic practice is primarily figurative oil paintings. Much of Chris’ inspiration comes from the Australian landscape drawing on regional Victoria and comparing it to the Canadian setting he grew up in. Canada, like Australia is a vast and open country but the colours found in nature are so different. Chris draws on the colours found in Canada and use them in his Australian landscape paintings.

Many of the themes in Chris’ paintings are based on his heritage and life experiences in Australia. These experiences and his artistic process drive the narrative in the paintings permitting for illusory and colourful compositions.


16 December 2018
27 January
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