Felicity Spear Umwelten Exhibition Launches This Week

Posted 15 August 2019

Felicity Spear Umwelten Exhibition Launches This Week

Set to launch her current exhibition this weekend; Umwelten, Eco-Fields and Other Universes, visual artist Felicity Spear will have her works showcased at the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery running for the duration of August.

Artist: Felicity Spear, Somnium Kepler’s Dream, CREDIT: Nasa/Lorp

A practice unfolding through a field of relations both historical and contemporary, Spear explores heavily in her work the exploration of the production of 17th-century Dutch painting — a period commonly referred to as the ‘age of observation’ — which has been an important influence.

She works with the ambiguities that exist between the world we see (and construct), and the world as seen (and records through the optical system of the eye). She is interested in the way different systems of knowledge might interact to reflect relationships between worlds: the natural and constructed, and the human and non-human.

“My work references light, optics, and ideas about mapping space. Images are often created using lens-based technologies, such as the camera, telescope or microscope, as well as remote sensing technologies and data. I make paintings, photographs, (including pin-hole photographs), digital prints, artist’s books, sound works and three dimensional objects.  These works reference ways of seeing and memory, space and time, art and science, philosophy and history. “

Artist: Felicity Spear, Umwelten 1, Oil On Wood

Her current exhibition Umwelten, Eco-fields and other universes has been launched at the Stephen McLaughlan Gallery and will be running until the 31st of August.

To see more of her works head to the Geelong Gallery and view the exquisite Moon exhibition and also the Space Exhibition located at the Gippsland Art Gallery.

Geelong Gallery

Gippsland Art Gallery

Head to Felicity Spear Website for more information.


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