Flying our Flags at Half-Mast Today

Posted 7 February 2019

Flying our Flags at Half-Mast Today

2009 Black Saturday Bush Fires

Today we fly our flags at half-mast on City Hall, as a mark of respect, commemorating the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires that claimed 173 lives.

This is the actual day of the fires, 10 years ago.

Victoria Government, states that the 2009 Black Saturday bushfires in Victoria have been the most devastating in Australian history; 173 people tragically lost their lives, 414 were injured, more than a million wild and domesticated animals were lost and 450,000 hectares of land were burned.

Fire has been a part of the Australian environment for as long as the continent has existed, but over the past 200 years bushfires have become increasingly lethal and costly.

Property north of Yarra Glen. Nick Carson via Wikimedia

This will be a very tough week for some in our community, and if you need support please consider accessing the confidential EAP service.

For more information regarding the 2009 Black Saturday Bush fires please see below.

National Museum Australia

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