Geelong Animation on the World Stage in NYC

Posted 18 June 2020

Geelong Animation on the World Stage in NYC

Creative Geelong’s co-worker Stuart Murray who works at Pillowfort Creative has had his genius animated artwork, created in collaboration with Melbourne artist Dr. Debbie Symons, appear in a very well known location in the USA, Times Square NYC. It’s fantastic to to see Geelong animation on the World stage and in the wild.

The work, shown below, is the creation of long time collaborator and artist Dr. Debbie Symons (@debbiesymonsartist) who’s amazing works, centred around the issue of climate change and our ecosystems, have been seen around the globe.

It is so amazing to see this work: The Butterfly Effect on the big screen especially when the research focus is one of the Earth’s super tiny (0.2 to 0.4 mm) but vitally important mollusc species, the Limacina helicina Antarctica, or the sea butterfly, as it is more commonly known. This beautiful species is at the bottom of the oceanic food chain, and the work explores the effects of the changing ocean chemistry on them.

Watch the footage above showcasing the incredible work by Stuart Murray and Dr. Debbie Symons. 

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