Geelong artist Vicki Clissold shortlisted in SBS Portrait Prize 2020

Posted 22 April 2020

Geelong artist Vicki Clissold shortlisted in SBS Portrait Prize 2020

Vicki Clissold, Self Portrait with Paint, Oil on Canvas

Vicki Clissold works predominantly using oils on canvas and has also explored other mediums such as printmaking, sculpture, diorama’s and watercolour… discover more about her Self Portrait with Paint below. View her artwork on the Southern Buoy Studios websites or cast your vote in the peoples choice category.

“Self-portrait with Paint’ provides us with a  vision of the gestural act of painting in more ways than one. Painting and painted. It is a fun way of sharing the love of painting via the gestural forwardness creating some anticipation.

Don’t stand too close if you don’t want paint on you.

There is a narrative within the work which invites the viewer to participate in the mystery of its creation.

The blob of paint partially obscuring the face stops abruptly on the canvas providing an animated focal point thus inviting further analysis. There is a determination in the gaze of the sitter that intends to hold the viewer gaze.  The darkness of the background repels the artist toward the foreground enhancing the gesture of the paintbrush and also suggests a technique typically used by the Dutch Portrait artist of old.

To interpret the surface as glass would suggest an interaction between participants.. Likewise, the surface may act as a two-way mirror providing a barrier between audience and painter providing an insight of the painting process whilst remaining oblivious to the artist. One needs to determine whether the gaze is directed to the onlooker or the paint itself.

This work demonstrates essential components and considered complexities within the portrait. Aiming to demonstrate love of the process of painting is evident in the fluidity of the medium.“

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