Geelong Design Week 2020 Event Host Information Sessions

Posted 15 August 2019

Geelong Design Week 2020 Event Host Information Sessions

Celebrate How Design Impacts Our Daily Lives

THEME: ‘Doing it Differently’

Geelong Design Week 2020 is inviting organisations, community groups, schools and individuals to host workshops, talks, tours and exhibitions to explore new ideas, challenge what is possible and showcase our achievements in design and innovation.

Image Courtesy: Geelong Design City Website

Presented by Geelong UNESCO City of Design, the week will focus on how design impacts our daily lives, and how thinking outside the square and doing it differently can make life better.

This is an opportunity to engage with a wide audience, celebrate our design history, learn from new experiences, and discover our vitality and character – the core of what we do differently.

Come along to the event host information sessions on 19 and 20 August to learn how you can get involved.

Geelong Design Week will raise awareness of our global recognition as a UNESCO City of Design and our commitment to building a more sustainable, resilient and inclusive community.

Attendance is via free registration. Morning and Evening Sessions available – both sessions cover the same content

Choose one session – please select from ticket options

Geelong, Vic 3220

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