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Geelong Gallery Campaign Fund

Posted 13 February 2019

Geelong Gallery Campaign Fund

Fund Something You Can’t See

The Geelong Gallery’s Pozible campaign Fund something you can’t see has been launched and has been endorsed by government partner, Creative Partnerships Australia’s fund-matching scheme Plus 1.

” Fund something you can’t see will ensure excellent long-term preservation of Geelong Gallery’s marvellous collection and improve access to stored works for Gallery staff, external students, art historians and researchers. ” – Geelong Gallery 

“Collection management and storage is not about the glamour of a new painting or a new building, but it is crucial to our future and the community we serve.” – Geelong Gallery

Meeting current and relevant museum standards, The Geelong Gallery has emphasised their commitment to gain efficient storage systems and storage capacity and has explained urgency in ensuring that custodianship is maintained.

Key long term benefits for funding new storage include: 

  1. Improved collection management and storage facilities;
  2. Reduction in need for offsite storage, reducing costs and improving accessibility;
  3. A dedicated condition reporting, photography, viewing and processing space will be gained;
  4. Improved mount cutting area for the preparation of works on paper for exhibition and long-term storage;
  5. Increased commercial operations potential for collection-based exhibitions developed for tour to regional and metropolitan venues with improved access to the collection; and
  6. 24-hour fire and security command enhancement.

The Geelong Gallery has the space to publicly display only 3% of the 6,000 paintings, works on paper and objects in its care resulting in a large percentage of the collection being stored.

The role as a leading cultural institution is to ensure community access to our great collection. The core business of collection development and exhibitions must be supported by the highest contemporary standards of physical collection management and storage.

To uphold and maintain this, The Geelong Gallery needs support. For every dollar raised through donations and private giving, Creative Partnerships Australia will match the amount up to $50,000. Your donation could help immensely.

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