Geelong Gallery Succeeds Funding Support

Posted 21 March 2019

Geelong Gallery Succeeds Funding Support

The Geelong Gallery reflects their successful project; Fund something you can see – collection storage upgrade.

Thankful for all the support of 104 community donors during their 30 – day Pozible campaign the Gallery has announced that they have raised $25,338 ensuring that the Gallery’s back-of-house will be upgraded, improving the storage of artworks.

The community has unbelievably provided the Gallery with essential financial support to ensure its long-term prosperity.

Your support has enabled impressive changes and long term benefits of storage including; improved collection management and storage facilities, reduced costs and improved accessibility, dedicated condition reporting and much more. To see all the changes please refer to Geelong Gallery’s Website and for a floor plan layout.

The project is endorsed by Creative Partnerships Australia’s fund-matching scheme Plus 1.

Every dollar raised matched up to $50,000.

Sourced: Geelong Gallery Website

This key transformative upgrade initiates the reorganisation of the Gallery’s other back-of house collection space.

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